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Find the perfectly
shoe online

ShoeFitter enables online customers to order the perfect shoe size right away, using only their smartphone. Annoying and cost-intensive item returns will become history.

How it works

New technology is the game changer

Infrared sensors (e.g. Apples FaceID sensor) allow you to create millimeter-accurate scans of your feet. In the future, the sensor will also be installed on the back of iPhones and competitors will establish comparable technologies.
Scan your foot with ShoeFitter

Scan foot

The users create a millimeter-accurate 3D model of their foot with their phone. The data of the infrared sensor is used for the surface reconstruction. No more Big Data based estimates. Hard facts only!

Determine the inside dimensions of the shoe

There are different approaches to determine the inside dimensions of the shoe: 3D scans of the shoe last, as well as CAD models and MRT.

Compare models

Intelligent algorithms compare the foot with the inside dimensions of the shoes, then suggest matching sizes and color-code problem areas.

Buying shoes online becomes a win-win-win situation

With ShoeFitter, customers can find the perfect shoe right away. This reduces the frustration rate – and spares the feet. The return rate is reduced, and the environment is protected.


Reduce Return Costs

Size-related returns (>60%) will be avoided

Increase Conversion Rate

The uncertainty factor "size" is eliminated

Generate (New) Customers

ShoeFitter directs customers to retailers


Gathering Data

Valuable insights into the actual foot shapes of the customers

Increase Acceptance

Fewer bad buys increase customer loyalty

Promote Individualization

Scanning feet as the next step to a completely individual shoe

Sounds interesting to you?

You want to discover ShoeFitter first-hand? We would love to demonstrate our pilot product to you in a private session!
Work with us

SDK, App and Insights

At the current stage of product development we focus on the technological solution.​ There are various possibilities to implement the solution in the market. Get in touch to discuss your opportunities on ShoeFitter!


ShoeFitter SDK

Brands and online retailers pay royalties to use the ShoeFitter functionality in their own eCommerce channels.


ShoeFitter App
Shoe buyers will be forwarded to an online or offline retailer. Retailers pay commissions of up to 12% of the generated sales.


ShoeFitter Insights
The unique data can be sold to companies that optimize and develop better fits of their footwear.

Measure the performance

With their private access dashboard, our partners can learn from all the important data about their customers and measure the benefits of ShoeFitter. Full transparency, no keeping any hidden treasures.

Conversion Rate
Return Rate
Usage of ShoeFitter
Uplift through ShoeFitter
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We are professionals in digital product development

We are a cross-functional team with a strong passion for innovative solutions and new business cases.​ Our team has 8 years of experience in product development and marketing (including Germany’s most successful Lotto app) with over 4 million downloads.

Sanya Zillich
CEO & Business Development 

Jakob Raible
CTO & Computer Vision 

Tobias Pfrommer
Machine Learning 

Patrick Fiur

Patrick Fiur
Computer Vision 


Rohit Choudhary
Computer Vision 

Nik Volz
User Experience Design

Patrick Braun
Platform Technology

We are looking for a
Chief Marketing Officer (w/m/d)

Are you a senior marketing leader and looking for your opportunity to come in at the ground floor? Then you and us might be a match!


Jens Hensler
Strategic Advice 

Get in touch!

Have you become curious and want to know more about ShoeFitter? Do not hesitate to contact us!